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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation most, if not all, origami conventions and local group meetings are currently not taking place. The origami community is making the best out of the situation, which includes a whole bunch of online origami meetings. This includes not just meet-ups of like-minded folders to fold and discuss origami topics, but also designers teaching their models, giving fascinating background information and sharing their design process.


Almost exactly 10 years ago, I launched 亚洲日韩中文字幕视频.com. The website has evolved much over the years, as to be expected.
Today I'm announcing another update, namely one that will make this website more secure.

Some weeks ago, I (and by that I mean my husband) enabled https for 亚洲日韩中文字幕视频. You can read more about what this exactly means on Wikipedia.
Since then I've been testing it and found no major issues. Therefore I encourage everyone to access 亚洲日韩中文字幕视频 via https from now on: https://www.亚洲日韩中文字幕视频.com