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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing and self-isolation most, if not all, origami conventions and local group meetings are currently not taking place. The origami community is making the best out of the situation, which includes a whole bunch of online origami meetings. This includes not just meet-ups of like-minded folders to fold and discuss origami topics, but also designers teaching their models, giving fascinating background information and sharing their design process.

Like this we can all connect more and it has the added benefit of being available even to those that would usually not be able to attend conventions and local meetings.

OrigamiUSA has put together a list of such events here: https://origamiusa.o... - you can add your own online meetings there, too, or even use OrigamiUSA's shared Zoom room.
The British Origami Society has also hosted and is continuing to host live folding sessions with designers on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook... - you can watch the recordings of past events here: https://www.facebook...

Finally, I'd like to highlight a session that will give more insight into one approach to creating origami models. On May 9th 2020, Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez will host an online workshop introducing his Frankensteinian method using the example of his shopping bag. Check out the attached poster for details or visit https://origamiusa.o...