Valley fold

A valley fold is a basic fold, in which you fold the paper forward onto itself. The paper motion is usually indicated by an arrow with a split head, and the crease is marked with a dashed line.
Chinese (中文)谷折
Croatian (Hrvatski)udubljeni nabor
Danish (Dansk)dalfold
Dutch (Nederlands)dalvouw
Englishvalley fold
French (Franais)pli vallée
German (Deutsch)Talfalte
Hebrew (romanisation)kipul bikaa
Hebrew ()
Hungarian (magyar nyelv)vlgyhajtás
Italian (Italiano)piega a valle
Japanese (にほんご / 日本語)たにおり
Japanese (にほんご / 日本語)谷折り
Portuguese (Português)dobra em vale
Spanish (Espaol)pliegue valle
Swedish (Svenska)dalvikning